Why books?

He himself was the owner of the most important private library in the whole of this great city. He carried a minute portion of it with him wherever he went. His passion for it, the only one which he had permitted himself during a life of austere and exacting study, moved him to take special precautions. Books, even bad ones, tempted him easily into making a purchase. Fortunately, the great number of the book shops did not open until after eight o’clock

Elias Canetti, Auto-da-Fé


The Beginning

It probably all started when I was six. Whenever I packed my pink satchel for school, I would also take one or two books that I wanted to read with me. My mum always suggested that I leave them at home as I wouldn’t have time to read personal stuff at school. She probably envisioned me being one of those kids that were popular qua their own existence. We all knew them, the ones everyone felt inexplicably drawn to, much like the way the Earth attracts the moon. Needless to say I was never one of them; I was neither athletic enough nor pretty enough to attract any kind of unquestioned popularity. Furthermore, my mother was never too tired to remind me that the books I carried around would make my bag too heavy. Interestingly, she never stuck to this when I wanted to leave my math book at home.

Since then I have always found an excuse as to why I need to buy another book or two. When I was younger my parents would keep hold of my birthday money, trying to convince me to spend it on clothes. They were never very successful and it seems I haven’t learnt anything:  I may not have anything in the fridge or anything to wear, but at least I can pass my time very well entertained!

I am currently a full-time bookseller and part-time creative writing student who buys too many books, but can’t find the time to read all of them. You find just a little bit more about me  and how to contact me on Who’s that Kat?

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