Who’s that Kat?

Photo on 15-04-2014 at 18.39

sepia shots at work make you always look ridiculously happy

You know, sometimes I wish I had learnt something more substantial. Like astrophysics or ice cream making. Instead I ditched my studies in German, History and Education and left behind a small village in Germany where deers would come at dawn and shamelessly eat Mum’s roses. Now I have been in London for two and a half years and so far I haven’t spotted any deers in London, but plenty of foxes and tons of good bookshops. Currently I work in a bookshop and do a creative writing degree.

This blog is more or less about books that I have read, want to read and other booki-ish related things. And of course London.

If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment or write to londiniumdays [at] gmail.com.


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